Candy Camera App for Android

Selfies have become a global phenomenon. People have their own mobile phones with very competitive cameras inside them and selfies are really very easy to do, and they are fun as well.

Although selfies are already good in itself, wouldn’t it be great if you can beautify it even more?

There is actually a popular app in the Google Play Store right now that does that job really well. I am talking about the Candy Camera App for Android mobile phones.

The Candy Camera App for Android is an app that has a lot of photo filters to truly enhance your selfies. For those of you who do not know, filters are post-processing enhancements that can beautify your photos after you’ve taken them.

The Candy Camera App for Android offers a lot of filters that are specifically designed for selfies. Some filters enhance your skin tone while others enhance your surroundings, and a lot more. There are literally hundreds of filters this app offers and you can just choose what works best for you.

This Android mobile phone app aims to improve your selfies as much as possible. So, what better way to improve your selfies than photo editing tools, right? The Candy Camera App for Android mobile phone comes with extensive editing tools that you can use to enhance your selfies even further.

There are a lot of editing tools you can use such as the whitener, the concealer, the lipstick, the eyeliner, and a whole lot more. You can even adjust the brightness and the contrast of your selfies so you can really perfect the already captured image.

Selfies are also supposed to be fun and the Candy Camera App for Android mobile phones does that to your much-loved selfies. You can do that by adding specialized stickers that suit every occasion.

You can decorate your selfies with a big collection of stickers that suit your fancy. Stickers can range from cute stickers, cat stickers, artistic photography stickers, there are even stickers for each Holiday in a year! There’s plenty to choose from and you will never run out of options because this app has a massive collection of stickers.

Now, since taking selfies is a widely-accepted practice, it can be embarrassing sometimes to take a picture when everyone’s solemn, right? It is just embarrassing and annoying at the same time to have your mobile phone’s camera make that snapping sound (that indicates you’ve taken a photo).

You do not have to worry about that because the Candy Camera App for Android mobile phones has a silent mode feature. This allows you to take your selfies anywhere without worrying about camera noise.

Lastly, you’ve probably already taken a lot of selfies. Wouldn’t it be great if you can make a collage and put all of them in it? Luckily for you, the Candy Camera App for Android mobile phones does that as well.

Stick all of your favorite selfies into collages so you can create the perfect selfie montage. You can create a lot of collages with different grids and styles to suit your tastes.

Have fun taking selfies with this awesome selfie app. The Candy Camera App for Android is free to download and it offers a lot of features to not only enhance your selfies but also allows you to create wonderful memories by making collages.

The Candy Camera App for Android mobile phones can be downloaded from the Google Play store.