Human Chorionic Gonadotropin

A Review of Some Benefits Associated With Human Chorionic Gonadotropin

When it comes to chemicals, most people pass having them in their bodies. This is especially true when it comes to manufactured, and non-artificial chemicals. From food preservatives to dietary supplements, not knowing exactly what you put in your body leaves you open to risk. Thankfully when it comes to dietary supplements, not all supplements are created equal. Some supplements use chemicals that are tested, and which have numerous beneficial effects on the body.

Lets take a quick look at hCG, or Human chorionic gonadotropin. hCG is a hormone that is produced in pregnant women during their first trimester. Produced artificially, this hormone acts like all hormones, and brings about changes in the body. With hcg take a look at these changes and benefits, to see if hCG is right for you and your life.
1. Benefits to the Female Reproductive Cycle

One of the greatest benefits of hCG is its benefits to the female reproductive cycle. These benefits are two fold. The first thing is that hCG helps to regulate your menstrual cycle. In addition to reducing the wild swings that can sometimes occur, it also helps reduce aches, pains and soreness. The second thing that hCG does for the female body is prepare if for children. It makes the body more receptive to pregnancy, increasing the chance of getting pregnant. If you want to have a child, and are struggling, then hCG will help you continue on with your life.
2 Benefits Associated With Weight Loss

Many people are trying to lose weight. In fact, the United States is currently undergoing an obesity epidemic never before seen. As a result, people are turning to dietary supplements, hoping to find a solution. In comes hCG, who after its discovery and extensive research by Dr. Simoens, began being used as a weight loss and dietary supplement. This even led to the popular 500-calorie hCG diet, which has helped many people achieve their weight loss goals. Currently, the FDA is less impressed with hCG then the vast number of people who have written testimonials in support of its dietary power.
hCG has a number of positive effects on the body, with new research being conducted all the time to see what else it can do. If you are interested in learning more, then use this as a starting point for your own research, and good luck!